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They Lie We See Published 2 years ago in Reggae

Jaba – What We Gonna Do?

This song is dedicated to all independent creators!

The whole current situation is planned, executed and made to force us on our knees and for us to give up and adjust to the crowd.

No longer doing what we want ourselves to do, but only what allows the unified thinking of the new normality to be docile and to participate! But giving up all of this means giving up our will, freedom and life and we cannot, quite logically, allow that to happen!

Stay strong, life thank you in advance!

Bass: Armando Ribeiro
Keyboards: Claude Alain Bidermann
Saxophone: Yann Altermath
Drums: Horseman Drums
Programming, Keys, Percussion, Guitars, Vocals: Jaba
Recording, Mixing: Jaba

Video by https://www.babylondecoded.com
Check it out here: https://www.jaba.ws/en/music/1....9/JABA-What-we-gonna


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